Qais "qaisjp" Patankar

More bans, Rockstar?

10 Aug 2015

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Icedream, the maintainer of the issue tracker for FiveM, has also been banned. I’ll be updating this post if anyone else gets banned.

Update 3:04pm 11th: The existing crew was deleted, as well as the framework name.

Update 4:31pm: More words have been banned.

List of banned words

  • FiveM
  • Citizen.RE
  • CitizenFX
  • CitizenMP
  • fourdeltaone
  • tohjo


One more ban, and we figured out how Rockstar is targeting people

Rockstar is banning/has banned all the people listed as a contributor on (I contributed to the website). There’s more info on how this was found out on the /r/FiveM subreddit.

So, Imperative was also banned!

See this on pcmasterrace, GTAV_PC, and GTAForums.