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Incorrect information... almost everywhere

10 Aug 2015

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Hey, so some websites picked up our story but I believe(<edit) some of the articles aren’t entirely correct.

I have a few things to rectify:

  • Using single player modifications will not get you banned, including the use of FiveM
  • TheDeadlyDutchi and I did not do any reverse engineering or development for the FiveM client
    • I manage /r/FiveM (and do general support)
    • TheDeadlyDutchi does forum stuff (and general support)
  • … and this

In this post I will also be rectifying some of information stated by each article. I’ll be updating this page if/when we get more information.

(edit: several articles refer to information provided by Ash Rogers, and (s)he has provided incorrect information)

Articles that are correct

These are the articles that have been confirmed to be containing correct information: DSOGaming, PCGamer, Kotaku, ArsTechnica

Articles that are incorrect