Qais "qaisjp" Patankar

Do they still lock older Twitter accounts?

17 Oct 2019

Famous last words. Curiosity killed the cat. So I fucked up and put my birthday into Twitter.

I had heard they had locked accounts whose accounts were created before their owner turned 13.

Didn’t think they were still doing that crap. I decided to test it out.

Turns out they are.

This is good though. Maybe I’ll use this blog more.

Maybe I’ll go the whole decentralised approach with my social media. Build something nifty into this website. Make it send stuff over to Facebook, and eventually when I get my account back, Twitter.

Can you still GDPR request your Twitter data when your account is locked? Let’s see.

Edit: they ignored my GDPR requests, and unlocked my account as long as they deleted all of my under-13 content.