Qais "qaisjp" Patankar

I really want to blog more!

22 Nov 2018

I really want to blog more! I just… I create a markdown file over GitHub (with dubious metadata, I’m never sure what to put in the YAML front matter) and then never finish my post.

One big issue I’ve run into is having to upload photos. To be honest, I could just use my uploads repo to store blog photos, and then link there from here. That’s not a bad idea!

I think something that would really help me get these blog posts done is drafting. I do currently draft. I have a bunch of markdown files in this repository sitting all alone with draft: true. I’ll probably never publish them.

What I mean is drafting them in Google Docs, and then publishing it on my Jekyll blog when I’m happy with the work. That way I can keep the content-writing away from the work needed to publish.

I’ve considered using Ghost but it runs on node, and damn I really would prefer not to add more node applications to my VPS. Definitely not one as monolithic as Ghost. I know that my friend Fox uses Ghost. But not on the page I linked.

I think I could just export the Google Doc as a docx, and then use pandoc to convert that to markdown. That should work.

I always start or end my blog posts with a mention of how I want to blog more frequently. Maybe now it’ll actually happen.

fun fact: all my drafts contain the above sentence… hopefully I’ll turn those drafts into real posts, and by that point I’ll already be a frequent blogger ;)

– Qais